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St. George’s winter trip to Blatten/Switzerland
25th February – 4th March 2011

“Skiing and Snowboarding in Lötschental”

Once again but in the deep winter...

The hidden valley

Our trip 2011 goes to the same valley and skiing area in Switzerland as last year Lötschental/Lötchenalp 1401 – 3100m. This year our trip is at the End of February (Easter holidays being too late – no snow) and we will be confronted with mid winter conditions, a dry cold. This will ensure great skiing conditions, powder snow and no ice, with the possibility to ski down into the valley. Have a look at: www.loetschental.ch. We will be accommodated in the village of Blatten and reside in a group and holiday center.

The accommodation has four 12-person-rooms with individual bunk beds and two rooms for 8-persons. All rooms have washing facilities and all beds have linen. We also have the possibility to use a sports hall within the building (morning sports - bad weather!). “Gruppen- und Ferienhaus Blatten”, CH 3919 Blatten, is located at the End of the Lötschental-valley and we will have our own personal bus to getting from and to the skiing area (10minutes drive).

Our Programme

Our programme will be under the supervision of David Blackall, an experienced mountain guide and ski instructor and Mr N.Johnstone from St. Georges School. During the days on the slope the pupils will have ski or snowboard instructions (4 to 6 hours/day) from the “Cool Schools”-teachers. After this the youngsters have the opportunity to improve their skills in small groups also accompanied by the ski/snowboard instructors. We can borrow ski/snowboard equipment at the middle station of the cable car for those who do not have their own equipment.

We will be accompanied by Andreas the cook who will help us plan and prepare the meals. Great fresh food!

During the evenings a programme of lectures will be held covering winter hazards and what to do if something unexpected happens on the slope. This element will be intensified on the hill by the ski teachers.

Trip Details

Leaving and Arrival

February, 25th at 2359 hours leaving Cologne from St. Georges School
ETA in Blatten: 10 am Occupy accommodation and pick ski/snowboard equipment
March, 4th at 9 am leaving Blatten
ETA in Cologne: 6 pm

Daily Routine
7.15 am Recreation, breakfast and getting ready
9.30 am Ski or snowboard instructions on the slope
12.00 am Warm lunch on the hill
1.00 pm Ski or snowboard instructions on the slope
4.00 pm Kitchen duties, for those concerned (rotating roster)
6.30 pm Evening meal
8.00 pm Evening programme
10.00 pm Sleep

Evening Programmes

In the evening programme the following subjects will be covered: Avalanche safety, mountain hazards, First Aid “on the slope”..

The trip includes


€ ? per pupil (at least 25 children)
Es handelt sich um eine Reiseleistung nach § 25 UStG.