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“Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn go to Sweden”

The Shackleton Programme 2008 / 2009

Experiential Education for pupils of
St. George’s School Cologne

Autumn is in the air, and with it a new school year is underway at St. George’s. Your children are receiving an excellent education at School. This is true not only because of the rigorous academics and excellent teachers, but also because the school believes in providing a rounded education for it’s students. When we speak of a “rounded education”, we mean not only challenging students academically, but also by presenting them with outdoor-based activities that are designed to challenge and develop students, build individual confidence and team-work skills, while at the same time instilling respect for nature and one another.

The Shackleton programme, as many of you know, has been working with St. George's school to provide the above-mentioned portion of their curriculum to students for the last five years. It is our pleasure, and with great anticipation that we present the Shackleton program 2008/2009 to you; “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn go to Sweden”. The culmination of the program will be the 9 day canoe trip in Värmland Sweden where students will arrive on a barren island, and will have learnt how to set up camp, make a latrine, organize a cooking, bathing, and wash-up area. All of these skills will ensure that after a full day of paddling, they will have safe, warm, dry, comfortable and enjoyable nights.

This year the weekly workshops will take place on Thursdays from 3:30 until 5pm. The programme will run from the 30th of October till the 2nd of July 2009. The costs will be ?€ this will include all external trips to the climbing hall, swimming hall, and bakery. The trips to Sweden and Manderscheid are not included. Details to follow later.

This letter is to let you all know that The Shackleton Programme is rearing to go, and that we have been planning all kinds of fun activities to teach the lessons mentioned above. The final expedition to Sweden is an open school trip, also open to non-members of the Shackleton Programme.

Block One Welcome, ropes and climbing
30 Oct 08 Welcome, presentation and getting to know each other
06 Nov 08 Knots and lashings/ cooperation game: “river swing”
13 Nov 08 Lashings, bows and arrows, stump shooting.
20 Nov 08 Climbing Hall “Kletterfabrik Ehrenfeld”
27 Nov 08 Climbing Hall “Kletterfabrik Ehrenfeld”
04 Dec 08 Surprise Christmas Party
Block Two Food and fire
08 Jan 09 Fire lighting, 1 match fires, stoves, and safety.
15 Jan 09 Why water? Water purification/solar still.
22 Jan 09 Cooking – bacon & eggs
29 Jan 09 Cooking – groups competition
05 Feb 09 Visit a bakery – making bread
12 Feb 09 What should we eat? Nutrition, introduction to wild edibles.
Half Term Trip Manderscheid “Jugendhüttendorf”
16-20 Feb 09 Details follow
Block Three Shelters - staying warm and dry
26 Feb 09 Tarpaulins. Introduction to shelter building.
05 Mar 09 Tents
12 Mar 09 Biwaks
19 Mar 09 Biwaks. Watch the squirrels. (natural material shelters)
26 Mar 09 Building competition
Block Four Maps and compass
23 Apr 09 Maps: “Follow the signs” awareness walk
30 Apr 09 Map making
07 May 09 Compasses
14 May 09 Rally
Block Five Swimming and Water Safety (visit to pool)
04 Jun 09 How to stay afloat (details to follow)
18 Jun 09 Swimming, safety, and rescue (details to follow)
25 Jun 09 Getting ready for Sweden – clothing and equipment
02 Jul 09 Final check
Expedition Lennartsfors in Sweden